Some Stitches Came Out After My Dental Implant Surgery. Will This Lead To Problems In The Future As They Heal?

Hello Dr Hughes. Shortly after I was fitted with 2 implants plus bone graft (artificial) just 5 days ago, I discovered on the swab provided immediately after surgery that some of the stitches had come out. Could this be the reason why I can actually see the implants? And could this be a problem as regards future treatment and the healing process? Also what is the likelihood of the procedure being completed by mid-September? Thank you. 
Hello and welcome. What you are probably seeing is the ‘healing cap’ on your implants. This is usually a cylindrical metal screw cap. If in doubt ask the dentist who carried out the procedure when you return for the rest of the stitches to be removed. It is always best not to fully load the implants for 6 months but in some circumstances it’s okay to go to final crowns/porcelain earlier. Try to discuss these factors with your dentist. I hope that helps to answer your question. Kind regards, Mark.
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