Should My New Denture Feel Bulky?

I’ve just had a partial denture fitted today for three of my front teeth – replacing a fallen-out bridge. I first had a bridge fitted 40 odd years ago (I’m now 50), had it replaced twice under the NHS, the last time 10 years ago as I fell over and broke the bridge. I have now been told I can only get a replacement bridge for £1,200 as the root of one of the teeth is broken and I would need root canal and other procedures. I understand it may take some time to get used to, but the palate part of the denture seems quite bulky and covers large parts of the inside of my side teeth as well. Is that normal? Or does that mean it’s too big? Just a bit concerned this might cause infection in my other teeth. 
Hello, thank you for getting in touch. Yes this is normal for that type of denture, especially if this is just day 1! You need time to get used to it. There is the option of another type of bridge that is a bit more refined called a ‘Chrome-Cobalt’ denture or RPB. It costs more but is far less bulky and usually it fits better.  Regards,  Mark.
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