Should I Take My Dentist’s Advice About a New Bridge?

I had a two teeth bridge on upper left side of my mouth. It came out ten times over two years. The dentist originally accepted responsibility but now has changed his mind. He now partly puts the blame on me because I kept the temporary bridge in too long but at no time did he ever express any concern. Now wants to place a four tooth bridge which I’d have to pay for. He is now saying he wanted this all along but I rejected it which is absolute nonsense. He never ever mentioned it to me as an alternative. Had he done so he would have been duty bound to advise that a one tooth implant would, according to his price list, be only £600 more and well worth the extra expense. I feel I have been done. He is making claims now that he never made before and his story changes every time I speak to him. What do you think? I do not have confidence that the new treatment is the right course or that it will work. What happens if that comes out? Will he try to blame me again?
Hello, thank you for getting in touch. It’s very difficult for me to comment on cases such as these as I don’t have all the facts at my disposal. It might be worth seeing one of the other partners at the practice to see if they can mediate to come to a satisfactory conclusion. Kind regards, Andrew. 
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