Should I Opt For Internal Bleaching Or Veneers?


I have two teeth that are discoloured caused by a trauma decades ago.

The colour became worse after an infection approx six years ago. Following this I had root canal treatment on the two teeth (over 5 years ago now). The root canal seemed to have worked as seen in later x-rays. However the teeth are now more noticeably discoloured. One more than the other.

Eight years ago I had whitening performed by a dentist that worked quite well but the above has reversed this.

On recent dentist visits, they have suggested that traditional whitening treatment may not work as effectively in the past. Their recommendation is veneers.

I am a little concerned at the invasiveness of veneers, risk of the final product looking artificial and weakening the teeth.

How do veneers compare with internal bleaching? (In terms of treatment and effectiveness.)

I am further worried I have no idea where to have this treatment performed in London. How much do either treatments cost? How much time do you need in between appointments?

Great questions thanks for writing in.

Clearly the best thing for you to do first is to come and see either myself or another cosmetic dentist with a lot of experience to assess what can be done; it’s never possible to advise you properly without seeing the severity of your own situtation in person.

In most cases we try to perform internal bleaching where a tooth has been root canal treated. This quite often produces a satisfactory result. However not always. Then either some composite bonding, porcelain veneer(s) or crowns maybe be required – this will depend on the individualt case and the condition of the tooth. The quality of the result you’re trying to achieve is also a factor and it may be necessary to place veneers to achieve this.

I would advise that you seek out a full member of the BACD (British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry) who can demonstrate a wealth of expeerience in treateing such cases – they will have an extensive portfolio of examples to show you of patients with similar problems. Then it is down to your confidence and trust of the dentist. It may be wise to invest in more than one consultation; the better dentists tend to charge for their consultations and examinations.

I hope that helps for now?

Best wishes


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April 4th, 2015 at 08:47 PM
Hannah Says :


I was wondering whether you may be able to help. Several years ago I cracked my front tooth and had root canal. A few years later it became grey and I was very unhappy about the appearance. My dentist used an internal bleaching solution which gave great results. However after a couple of years, the tooth has become grey again. I went back to ask for the same stuff, but he said they didn’t do that anymore and tried something else. This didn’t work at all. I really don’t want a veneer and am willing to investigate internal tooth whitening. Are there any stronger products that would be more effective? What would you suggest? Thank you.

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