Should I go for implant or bridge to replace tooth?

Q. I had one teeth removed (2nd last from the back at the top) and my dentist recommended: – a bridge or an implant. My other teeth are in perfectly good health and I have no history of poor oral hygiene. A bridge is much cheaper but I worry it may weaken the adjacent teeth. An implant is a lot more expensive (and scary) but if it really last for life (does it really?) I m willing to try. Is that really the best choice? How long does the procedure (implant) will take (1 / 2/ 3 hours?) and how much is the pain (say compare to pulling the teeth out for example). any risk of infection or complication? I am 32 and in good health. THanks Mat,
A. Hello Mat it does sound like an implant is your best option as drilling down 2 healthy teeth for a bridge isn’t really advisable Although the implant is more expensive now it will outlast a bridge so should work out cheaper in the long term. The procedure should take about an hour or less and the after pain similar to having a simple extraction Regards Andrew
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