Should I Get My Teeth Whitened?

Hi there I just wanted to know whether teeth whitening will be useful for my teeth because all my teeth are trimmed at the front except my back teeth which dnt really show when I smile or talk and my dentist has told me there is no point of me getting the teeth whitening because teeth whitening is to usually improve the colour of your teeth and my teeth and not just yellow in the front but are trmmed/cut off too. And whenever i go to my dentist all they do is a filling on the teeth that are trimmed and the filling falls out after a week or two which doesn’t really help that much, i want something to be more strong, permanent even. im actually really stressed about my teeth i just want them to be nice and white just like everybody else. And because my teeth are yellow i lack a lot of confidence, i cant see or meet new people becasue im too embarrassed because of my teeth. what else is there that I can do other than teeth whitening if that will certainly not help? Or can I just do the teeth whitening and it will help me? Please do let me know i really want something to be done about my teeth i will appreciate it very much. Thank you!
Hello, By the sounds of it , veneers might be appropriate if you want something stronger , with whitening not really being appropriate.
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