My Wisdom Teeth are Causing a Lot of Pain. What Can I Do?


A few months ago, I went to the dentist as my wisdom teeth were causing a lot of pain. They took x-rays and found out that all four of my wisdom teeth were growing wonky and into the teeth in front. They said as the teeth have not yet broken the gums, there is not anything they can do yet.

Recently, my wisdom teeth have become painful again and is very uncomfortable. I have also notice a gap appearing between my two front teeth which is causing the skin inside my mouth to become sore as it keeps getting caught in the gap and is making sores in my mouth. I don’t know what to do as it is very painful but I do not want to go back to that dentist as they have said they won’t do anything.

Please can you let me know what can be done as I am worried the gap is just going to get bigger and my wisdom teeth more painful.

Thank you.

Hi, thank you for your question.  Please go for a second opinion and ask your new dentist to refer you to an oral surgeon for advice about the removal of your wisdom teeth.  regards, Mark.
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