My Upper Two Incisors Are Disproportionate From My Other Teeth, Help Me Please?

to improve my smile,i am not comfortable whilie smiling,and my upper two incisors are big and not at da level of other teeth .caninies and luking odd..and when i am about to smile i am not comfortable..because of having doubt dat my teeth are big enough and dat might look odd because of dis reason i am not able to laugh properly. this makes me really self conscious and i dont like it one bit. when i was younger it was not a big problem as i didnt reali care but now its making me feel down and is ruining things for me like being out with friend ….and at the time of capturing pics i dont wanna smile…its more horrible..and not able to smile properly……can you please advice me …..
You need to go and see a cosmetic dentist and get some advice on suitable forms of treatment which may include orthodontics or veneers to change the shape of your teeth , it is very difficult to give you options without seeing you.
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