My top front teeth are slightly squint and one overlaps would Invisalign solve the problem

Q. I was wondering about ‘Invisalign’. I have a pretty bad overcrowding problem. My top two front teeth are slightly squint and one overlaps the other. The same can be said for the teeth directly on either side of these two. My wisdom teeth haven’t grown in yet, and I worry that I’ll have problems with that because I can barely feel any roomfor them at all. Anyway, I was wondering if Invisalign could fix this problem with overlapping. I’m nineteen and I don’t want to have to wear a mouth full of metal. I love smiling, but I feel self-concious about how uneven my teeth are. Do you have any advice?

A. I think invisalign could sort this out for you, make sure you find a good invisalign dentist and ask to see there before and after photos.

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