My Tooth Was Almost Knocked Out Playing Hockey And After Treatment It Is Now Turning Black, Help?

Hello Dr. 3 weeks ago I was playing hockey and my front left tooth was knocked back and almost out with a hockey stick. I was real worried at the time obviously however I was assured it was okay. The dentist put the tooth back in and then braced it to the teeth surrounding it. It has been 3 weeks since the incident and the tooth is now turning black. I was told to keep the brace on for 5 weeks. What are my options as the other front tooth has started to move forward. I do not want a black tooth as I am a business student and I want to have a decent smile as I previously had 3 years of braces. What should I do to have the best smile?
It is likely that at the very least the tooth will need root canal. However there is still a very real danger of losing it .
If so discuss implants and some minor orthodontics .
However your dentist should be monitoring you regularly with regards to that tooth and determine its long term prognosis

Always wear a sports guard for hockey.

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