My Tooth Is Failing With Gum Recession And Is Attached To My Bridge. What Are My Options?

Hi Marcus. I lost a central incisor as a child having been knocked off my bike and I’ve had a bridge attached to my other one ever since ( Maryland bridge). I’m now 30 years old and the tooth that’s remaining is failing with gum recession around my remaining central incisor with a dark root and it needs to be extracted. To avoid a bone graft, I’m looking to get both my laterals extracted and implants placed to support 4 unit bridge. Would this be possible for me as I can’t afford bone graft along with a gum tissue graft to correct the effected area. Thank you.
Hello and thank you for getting in touch. It’s is very difficult to say without assessing your dental condition in person. The best thing for you to do is visit a very experienced cosmetic dentist in your area. You may need a couple of separate opinions and it’s best to find a dentist you feel totally at ease with. If you would like more information on these treatments in the meantime, this helpful website can provide you with this. I hope this helps. Best wishes, Dr Marcus Gambroudes. 
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