My teeth seem to change on a daily basis, what is the cause?

Hello Doctor, 
Just got my 2 front teeth bonded to close a gap in my front teeth. I feel like they move from day to day. Sometimes looking really buck and long…other times ok.. I can also feel the teeth on my top lip sometimes…is that a sign that they are bucking out. I have always had a little bucking…but this seems like much more…
What should I do? I have been wearing a one of the night mouth guards…but not sure if it making is better or worse. As I said before…I take pics of my teeth…certain times ok and others not so happy. Can’t really get anyone to be honest with you about your teeth…so what can I do? Thank you very much for your time 


Hello, the best advice I could give it to get your teeth and gums checked if they are moving it could be sign that you have problems with the gums and bone. If you can’t tell, ask someone you trust how they look or go and see a cosmetic dentist. Hope this helps and good luck 

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