My Teeth Have Straightened Up But Now They’re Causing Me Discomfort. Am I Eligible For Treatment On The NHS?

When I was about 13 several of my bottom teeth began to cross over and I was refused braces by the orthodontist, my tooth then cut my bottom lip and was causing me discomfort so I was referred to a dental hospital where I was refused braces again. I left my teeth and my bottom one’s because they no longer bother me as they can’t be seen when I smile. I used to have a big gap between my top front teeth but last year they all straightened up and my gap closed up, but I worried they would overlap but my dentist said they wouldn’t. I’m 17 now and recently my second to front tooth has gone crooked and slipped behind my front tooth and is aching and causing me discomfort and making me self-concious, I feel it will push my front tooth forward, also my teeth don’t close together properly, am I still eligible for a brace or even a retainer on the NHS?
Hi, If you are referring to eligibility for treatment on the NHS then please check with your local health authority as I am unfamiliar with the regulations and offerings of the NHS. Thank you for your enquiry.
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