My Teeth Have Moved Back, Can You Recommend A Six Month Smile Practice?


I had full braces to the top and bottom of my teeth when I was about 13, however, I still did not like the shape of my teeth and so being a silly teenager I did not wear the retainer. My teeth (mainly the top 4 largest teeth) moved back crooked quickly and I’ve lived with ugly teeth for years. I’m now 30 years old and I am still very paranoid about smiling. Other than cosmetically, I have relatively good teeth, no fillings and quite white. I have suffered with gum disease in the past, partly to do with medication I was on and partly as I just hate my teeth so didn’t look after them enough and as there over crowded it built up but they are ok now.

I have read about the ‘6 month smile’ and would love to have it if possible.
Can you recommend anywhere in Birmingham that offers this? And do you know how much it would roughly cost to straighten my front top 4 teeth?

Many Thanks.

Crabs cross dental practice is my preferred practice and part of our chain . Costs will vary but they offer a cheap consultation to get the ball rolling for you.
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