My teeth have moved after having a brace, will I need more treatment?

Im 21 years old. I had braces for year and half when i was 16 years old.
after braces removal i didnt wear the retainers regularly for a year, then i realized that the lower lateral started to regain its position so i wore these retainers at night for another year..
now i dont use anything and i was wondering if it will keep moving to re-establish its old position? or it will stop at this position? even though it contacts the lingual aspect of upper central and this contact bother me..
also i was wondering if i could remake a new retainer just to keep my teeth at this position regardless this lower lateral?, as i dont want to start a new orthodontic treatment..
Unfortunately there is a chance that your teeth will carry on moving. It may only be necessary to wear a series of clear aligners like Invisalign to move your teeth back. This way you may avoid fixed braces to correct the movement.
You need to be seen for an assessment asap!
Hope this helps
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April 22nd, 2013 at 08:47 PM
erum Says :

hi , i had fixed braces 7 years ago , my dentist removed them after 1 year and from that time to now i am using a retainer .. but still if i dnt use it for only an hour my teeths move back to there originol position .. i am really tired of it now :/ my dentist is suggesting t get a bridge done on my front 6 teeth .. what is that ? n what should i doo ? plz helpppp

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