My Teeth Are Yellow And Brittle, What Can I Do About This?

I have yellow teeth with stain in it from childhood my theeth is very thin. I tried many thing like various tooth paste,cleaning my teeth by dentist but no result found. It is very embracing to have teeth like this as you can imagine and it does not do anything good for me in how i live my life . It Affects my confidence when i talk to people. I do not know what should I do for this Sir,
Kindly, suggest me something to get rid of you think it is possible that i have a condition? nothing works and the enamel is too brittle it always has been and my teeth are very sensitive too. please advise. thank you for your time. 
Hello. Thank you for your question. However, it is very difficult to answer this question without seeing you. However, from your description I would suggest a possible course of action would be to veneer the teeth. I suggest however, that you consult your dentist on what would be best. I hope this helps. 
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