My teeth are rotting and I cant afford my treatments advice

Q. Sir, my teeth are rotting i have seen several dentists and with my insurance applied i cant afford to go because of the extensive work that needs to be done, i am in serious pain and cannot eat a lot of foods any longer. i have made many attemps and my last one totalled 8000 dollars for the services compiled with using my insurance would take almost ten years. I am trying to find a way to get help, my wife and i live on a small income and want to start a family but are inhibited by extra expenses such as this. any information would be extremely helpful to us in attaining our life goal. it is very embarasing and my neglect is no exception, i am only looking for some kind of advice or help to relieve my pain and situation. thank you in advance for any advice you have.

A. The most important way to control dental decay is reducing the number of times you feed the bugs in your mouth that cause decay. Any drinks or food that you could get energy from (including healthy fresh fruit, and drinks etc) will cause decay. You must limit food and drink to less than 5 times a day. plain water only outside these times.Dentist appiled varnishes, Flouride toothpastes, and remineralising pastes such as GC tooth mouse can also help.Dental management requires a skilled appraisal of what can be salvaged with a good chance of long term success. The rest should be taken out, you must concentrate your resources on teeth that are wortyh the time & effort.Seasons greetings from frosty UKRob

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