My Teeth Are Not Healthy Enough To Support A Bridge, Is A Denture My Only Option?

I am a 37 year old who has suffered from severe tooth decay over the last 7 years and am looking for some independent advice. I have always looked after my appearance and been confident but am becoming increasingly self conscious of my missing teeth to the extent that I don’t smile in public or on photos with my children. I also find eating very difficult and am concerned about future consequences to my health and appearance. I would like to investigate any affordable options.
I have lost most of my back teeth at the top with only 7 teeth at the front top (6 veneered and one bridge). Upper right I have only one tooth at the back and upper left only two teeth at the back. My lower teeth are present except one (lower right) although they have been heavily filled/crowned.
I have been advised by my NHS dentist that my only options are implants (which I understand to be very expensive) or a denture as my teeth are inadequate to support a bridge. He recently tried to fit a metal denture to fill the gaps with no success and has advised an acrylic denture is the only option. I really am reluctant to have a denture and this is what has led me to contact you. Is it the only option? Many Thanks.
It does sound like his advice is correct but I’m not sure why the chrome denture didn’t work as these are often quite successful. Implants would usually be the best option but will be a more expensive investment
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