My Sister Has Terrible Teeth And Receded Gums, What Are Her Options?

My sister has very bad teeth and has no gums left can she be helped can she get dentures. She said her teeth have no gums around them and that her mouth is very bad and she wants to know if she can be helped. She has trouble brushing and cleaning normally she complains a lot that there sometimes is bloody when she looks on the brush. She has been too scared to go to a dentist with her problem as she fears that they may shun her. Can you help her with her gums she has not been to a dentist I over 29 years so does not really know how to go about it properly or anything like I have tried to explain but she wants to get an expert anser first and is scared she will not be able to have dentures or any teeth she also has no insurance and needs to know if it will cost a lot and if she will need to get inplants

Impossible to answer your question , without examining her mouth. My advice would be firstly to get a consultation booked to see what your options are.

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