My Overbite Is Quite Severe, Can I Go Straight For Jaw Breaking Option Without Braces First?

I have an overbite but it’s like quite severe. My bottom teeth are straight and my top teeth are pretty much straight aswel. I have trouble with eating and speaking normally sometimes and since I am a teenager it is starting to put a real downer on my social life as I’m sure you can imagine. My confidence is getting knocked everytime I look in the mirror so I guess you could call it a severe problem for me. Since beginning to look at my options I have become slightly confused. I have been to a consultant and he said that the only option is to break my jaw but it will take a couple of years, I am 15, 16 in may. He also said that I would need braces first for about a year.
I was just wondering if it was possible to do this without having braces and just break my jaw? Also how long this procedure would take and how much it would cost? Thanks
Normally to have surgery you need braces before and after speak to your consultant about your options.
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