My Newly Filled Tooth Is Causing Me A Lot Of Pain, What Can I Do To Relieve It

Dear whom it may concern,
I went to the dentist like a week ago and they said i need a filling. They drilled and put a dressing on and said if i am in pain i should come back but i haven’t been yet. I brushed on that tooth yesterday and its been hurting really bad. I only brush verwhere else not that part but when i did it seriously hurts. Also, when i drink water it feels nice and am in no more pain. It hurt occasionally but now its constant. Even when I touh it hurts, i think it may be inflamed.
How do i reduce the pain?
Thank you
I would advise that you go back to see the dentist who carried out your treatment as soon as possible. Otherwise seek a second professional opinion from another dentist. You could also go and see a specialist in root canals – this is called an ‘endodontist’ and they could help you assess where the pain is coming from and offer solutions. In the meantime take whatever you normally take for headaches to help relieve the pain until you can have some treatment

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