My new permanent crown is loose, what should I do?

Hello Doctor, A front tooth broke recently and left just about an eight of the original tooth in my gum. This tooth had already had root canal work and I was so pleased to be told that a crown could be fitted. posts were screwed into the stub of the tooth and a tempory crown fitted. Today I went to have this removed and a permanent crown fitted. The dentist had a terrible job getting the tempory crown off and whereas this was very firmly fixed my permanent crown is moving. If the posts were dislodged whist removing the tempory crown can the one fitted now be removed and the posts secured.Thank you in advance
If the post has become dislodged then yes often it can just be cemented back in place, especially if the trauma from the removal of the temporary crown disturbed it. It would be wise for you to go back andhave the dentist check what the problem it , just in case it’s more serious, hope this helps. 
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