My maryland bridge has weakened and partially broken can this be fixed?

Q. I have a Maryland bridge comprising two prosthetic teeth in the (top) front of my mouth. Each cemented independently to the adjacent two teeth. I have had the bridge for about 18 – 19 years and in that period one side of it has been re-cemented about 4 times. The other side has remained in place but has today come loose. I think the connection between the prosthetic tooth and the metal wings has weakened and partially broken. Can this be fixed by a dental surgeon as a temporary measure? If so could I please ask how this could be achieved? Would the wing which is still cemented need to be removed and can this be done? Many Thanks.

A. It is difficult to repair these bridges if they have broken.  If there is still enough metal left attached to the bridge it may be able to be stuck back in the short term.

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