My Jaw Bone Is Not Strong Enough To Hold My Teeth In Place. Can You Offer Any Solutions To This?

Hi Dr Bohara,

My dentist has told me that my tooth loss is due to the fact that my jaw bone is not strong enough to hold on to them. He suggests that it is hereditary as I do brush and bottle brush regularly. I have lost all of my incisors on the lower left and one tooth on the lower right with another tooth on the ‘wobble’ already. I have tried to wear a partial denture in the cavity on the lower left, but it lifts if I smile! It also makes me feel sickly. Can you tell me if there is a solution to this?

Many thanks for any advice you can give.

Hi. There will be a solution but it is impossible to say without examining your mouth.
It sounds like you may have gum disease, which is causing the teeth to become mobile. This is treatable, and I’d advise you to seek help from a hygienist.

Options to replace the teeth are
1. bridges
2. dental implants
3. high quality dentures. I hope these solutions can help you. Dr Kalpesh Bohara.

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