My Implanted Tooth has Chipped, Can This Be Corrected by a Dentist?

I had two implants put in at side of mouth recently. When the final teeth were fitted I had a gap between the front implant tooth and my canine tooth so dentist filled the front canine tooth at the side to fill the gap as I had a filling there anyway. When I got home later and looked I realised he had chipped a bit off my new implant tooth and it has seemed to have removed the shine. My question is, can it be corrected chair -side by a dentist or would I have to get the tooth made again? Someone told me it can be done but not all dentists do this?
Hello, thank you for your question. It might be possible to smooth and highly polish the implant crown chair-side but there is a chance it needs to go back to the lab – it depends on the size of the area and if anything needs to be added or not. Hope this helps, Mark. 
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