My Husband Struggles To Eat Properly As His Dentures Don’t Stay Firm, Can He Have Implants To Solve This Problem?

Hello Dr Patel, what I’d like to mention is about my husband who currently has no bottom teeth and a top denture, he had a bottom denture made but does not wear it as it does not stay firm when eating or talking. He has trouble eating a lot of foods, as he cannot chew it properly, eg: Salads, he cannot chew lettuce, most other foods he just sucks or mushes with his tongue, not very enjoyable for him. I have heard previously that you can get two screw in teeth and then a denture that will clip to these, hence no movement of bottom plate. Was wondering what cost would be involved and how long procedure would take? I really hope you can help us sort this out.
Hello and thank you for asking. Ideally I would need to see him to see whether he could have a denture stabilised with 2-4 implants or fixed teeth with 4 implants. It depends from patient to patient you see.  I hope this helps you with your enquiry, Dr Riten Patel.
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