My gums are receding and I am not sure whether I would be too old for denture implants?

I have had full dentures since I was 18 I am now 56, I suffer from a very dry mouth all the time and my gums are receeding and miss shaped. I feel ugly and old I would like to have implants but because of my gums I don’t think that would be possible. Is there anything that can be done for me. I cannot afford private treatment and I have no Social life as I am so self conscous of how I look. I have seen so many people who’s dentures drop every time they speak I am terrified of this happening to me, and without my teeth in I already look about 90. I have suffered in silence for 28 years because I thought I would be called vain or stupid, but as I have got older the feeling has got worse I just want to feel and look normal.
I’m very sorry but advanced dental techniques such as implants aren’t available on the NHS. You could look into using implants to hold the dentures more firmly instead of fixed teeth. This often works out cheaper.
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