My Gums Are Disappearing And My Teeth Falling Out, But I Cant Afford Treatment, What Can I Do?

Hello Dr, Andrew moore, I am 31and i have had problems with my teeth ever since ive had teeth, my gums are disappearing, already lost two teeth another two loose, I feel depressed, it’s knocked my confidence so I dare not talk to people, and scared and embarrassed to go dentist about it as I dont know what can be done to help me as i dont think I can afford to pay for my treatment straight away in one lump sum, what should I do? And around how much would it cost ? Help please I don’t know what else to do.
I can’t really tell you any details on cost or what you actually need doing from your description, its best for you to go to a dentist to find out your options as I’m sure there will be lots of different ways to improve your teeth ranging from dentures to implants. Perhaps you could find a local dentist who offers a patient payment plan to spread the cost of a long period of time.
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