My Front Tooth Has Grown Bigger Than The Other And Looks Very Silly What Can Be Done?

My two front teeth have grown very straight, however one has stopped growing all together so one is bigger than the other and looks very silly- there has been no cause for this what so ever, it effects my confidence on a numbers of levels and I fear it’s intruding on my social life. I do not have perfectly straight teeth but they have all grown and I have no baby teeth left. I have been to the dentist on several occasions and I am due to go again on Monday but I’m just wondering what the procedure would be; is it possible that they could build up the tooth so it’s the same size as my other one? Would this be a painful procedure? Also could you tell me what the dentist could possibly do about this please and how they could rectify this annoying problem? Thanks.
Hello, a lot of my patients have this problem, but unfortunately I can’t tell you what he will do perhaps ask him when you visit on Monday and I’m sure he’ll be happy to allay your fears.
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