My front teeth dont meet when I bite Plz advice

Q. Hi, i had a brace when i was about 13 for 10 months and had to have some teeth removed to make space for them to straighten out, well i am now 20 and during the last couple of years i have started to grind my teeth, they have become sensitive and look awful my two front teeth are the worse one is shorther then the other and 3 of my bottom front teeth have been ground down aswell so all my back teeth are fine but when i bite my front teeth dont meet, what is the best way to sort this and least expensive? Thankyou so much

A. Hi many thanks for your email, the best least expensive way to sort this out is rebuild the front teeth using white filling material and then invest in a nightguard so if you do grind your teeth at night it will be the nightguard which is ground away and not your teeth.

hope this is helpful.

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April 27th, 2011 at 08:47 PM
Ricken Says :

I have had braces on my top teeth for almost 6months now and I am worried about my teeth. The top and bottom teeth do not meet; there is a gap. The back teeth meet, however the front don’t. This causes pain on my back teeth and I have a lisp when I talk now. Should I be worried? Will they stay like this now?

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