My enamel is disintegrating on my incisors could you advice

Q. Dear Dr. Solanki, Having always looked after my teeth, I am very dissapointed to see that the enamel is visibly disintergrating on my inscisors. Twenty years ago the same problem occured and I was given crowns on my two front teeth, which I know feel look too large for my mouth. I am unsure what to do. I have a problem visiting the dentist (though I always do),having had a few unhappy experiences. I would be very grateful for your advice

A. Thanks for your questions. If you are considering having crowns fitted on your incisors, I would recommend that you visit your dentist to discuss this with them. I would also recommend that you ask your dentist to have a wax up created by the laboratory that would be making your crowns. This would involve the dentist taking impressions of your teeth as they are, so that the laboratory would be able to create a realistic impression of how they would look with crowns. To create the perfect look, you may also wish to consider having your front crowns replaced at the same time, but I would recommend that you explain to your dentist prior to any work, exactly what you dislike about your existing crowns. You may also wish to consider gaining a second opinion, by visiting a cosmetic dentist and having them create a wax up as well. This should give you a good idea of what it would be possible to acheive. Many cosmetic dental practices will offer a free initial consultation, which would enable you to gain their opinion without financial loss. I hope this information will be useful to you, but urge you to contact me again should you require any further assistance.
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