My dentist used cotton wool for my tooth filling

Q. I had my filling done, and the dentist used cotton and some other material for filling it up. and in the end he used some silver metal sort of thing. so is it ok to use cotton to fill up the filling. wht is the best material for filling, and how long can a filling last??? is it that once you do filling you need to have root canal after some years??awaiting for ur reply..
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A. Dear J

It is highly unlikely that your dentist used cotton wool to fill your tooth. It could be he/she placed some cotton wool against your cheek to separate your cheek from your tooth something we all do he/she would then have removed it at the end. The silver metal is probably amalgam a standard filling used for many years. The materials used to treat teeth are wide ranging and depend on the condition of your tooth and of course your budget. If a filling is very deep it can be close to the nerve (root canal) of your tooth over time the tooth can breakdown further and need root canal treatment.
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  1. Tiffany says:

    My front tooth broke in half. It had a root canal done. When it broke I pulled out a piece of cotton. Would have cotton in there make it weak since it didn’t have a real filling?

  2. Danielle says:

    My dentist had given me the first part of my root canal, no infection but was in pain due to tooth trama (back molar) , anyway, my tooth and nerve were aggrevated so bad that I had a lot of drainage, so he only covered with a cotton swab and i go back on Monday, this was done Thursday. Is it ok to have a cotton swap in the tooth without a temp covering? I was told if I had a covering that gas could build up and i’d be in more pain until it was finished. Also, can bacteria build up on the cotton swab and cause toxic shock syndrome if the same swab is left for a few days? thanks!

  3. Emily says:

    I had a tooth infection and do a hole was drilled to drain the abcess and then t perform root canal. I was given many small pieces of cotton wool also to put in the whole so food doesnt get stuck in it and to drain the infection. I have to change it multiple times a day!

  4. Lesly says:

    hi am having a problem with my front teeth ave got a false 1 an its hurtingme ave had it for years also ave a hole in me front tooth how much wud itcost me 2 fix them i hate smiling thanks

  5. Britney says:

    bout one hole in myteeth. I fixed it last week in other country, – front teeth, – they putteda plug on it, but i was biting some plastic thing – and now it has a 1mm x1 mm hole. Im sorry about my bad english. Could you tell me please how muchaprox. would cost to fix it? Cheers

  6. Sophie says:

    Forty years ago, my dentist would put little pieces of cotton into my fillings with tweezers, mash it down, then use silver. I was a kid, and didn’t question it. When I changed dentists at 18, my new dentist showed me x-rays of cavities growing deep beneath my fillings. I’ve had to have several root canals over the years because the cavities were so deep.

    The “cotton” dentist gained a reputation as a quack for other reasons. So please don’t brush aside J’s concern. In the movie “How to Marry a Millionaire”, the character played by Marilyn Monroe talks of a dentist and says “Of course his fillings are mostly cotton”, so it’s not unheard of.

  7. Amanda hall says:

    Pregnant with a hole in a wisdom tooth keeps coming out keep having it filled and every time it comes out I always get a chunk of cotton wall come out with it too is this really normal practice???

  8. Madalynn says:

    I’m almost 39 and have never had any fillings but my dentist told me today I finally need three. Two on the sides of my left back teeth and one on the top of my right back tooth. I’ve asked for composite as I have a compromised immune system and am worried about mercury. My dentist is an nhs dentist and I’m wondering if he is likely to have done a lot of composite fillings? I’m reading some horror stories about them not being performed correctly and causing a lot of post op pain. Also I would like to get my teeth whitened and don’t know whather this should be done first or not? I would appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance.

  9. Maurice says:

    It depends where the filling are if they are on the front teteh have your teteh whitend first do not worry you will be fine.

  10. Caden says:

    Is it safe and do you recommend for my child who is 6 year old to get CEREC instead of stainless steel because he has 4 cavities

  11. Titus says:

    CEREC is just another material to restore teeth. There is no contraindication to CEREC or stainless steel. There may be a difference in cost. CEREC will look better. Discuss with the dentist the different options to restore the teeth and pick the one that meets your needs esthetically as well as financially

  12. Beau says:

    I had two fillings on Monday last, nice dentist, no real problem experienced DURING treatment. He gave me two injections, and my mouth only recovered feeling really by Wednesday p.m. I then noticed that I have a very bad metally kind of taste in my mouth all the time which is unpleasant, and the backs of my teeth are like sandpaper..rough and unpolished. Surely this is not right? Should they not have been buffed and polished before I left the dentists surgery? I am worried as to what I am swallowing into my system and cannot get an appointment until after the bank holiday. Please can you help and advise me? I would be most grateful.Thank you.

  13. Fiona says:

    I’m sure it won’t do any harm but go back next week and get them to check the fillings

  14. Risper says:

    Hi.I has my teeth refilling 1week ago.Now it’s itching between my teeth.What could be the cause?

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