My dentist is only offering me an amalgam filling, couldn’t I have a white one instead?

I recently visited a dentist who has advised me I need an amalgam filling replaced and refilled using the same material, I asked her about white composite fillingsand she reluctantley said she could do it but said it would not be strong enough in my root filled back tooth – I donot agree with her in this asI have done some research and usin amalgam is highly toxic etc. This lady is an NHS dentist will she be properly trained in inserting composite fillings?
She also reluctantly polished 2 of my teeth as she said the others were fine lthough in the £17 paid it does say you are entitled to a tooth polish, afterwards I was not even offered a mouth swill! I have therefore lost my confidence in going back for the appointment for treatment and am in a dilemma as to what to do.
I would appreciate some advice from you please.
Many thanks 
Composite filling is good for small to medium sized cavities and the toxicity of Amalgam isn’t really proven. However if you’ve lost faith in the dentist you may be better to get a second opinion from another dentist on whether this tooth is suitable for a white filling.
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