My Dentist Changed My Nice Veneer For An Ugly, Yellow One. Do You Know Why He Changed It?

Hello Dr Hughes. I hope you can help me with something that has been bugging me. My dentist removed an attractive front tooth veneer because it had fallen off once. He said he could use a far superior one so I put my trust in him. After 5 weeks of waiting with a temporary veneer he put an ugly yellow, translucent veneer one on which looks awful and is worse than veneer he removed. He also drilled a lot of healthy tooth away prior to doing this. It has a rough surface to it and completely alters my smile. It has knocked confidence. Do you have any idea why he did this? Thank you for taking the time to reply to my enquiry.
Hello. Thank you for writing in. Maybe you should seek an expert opinion from a very experienced cosmetic dentist? This can be a very challenging thing to try to achieve an excellent result – I would also tell your dentist you are not satisfied with it and see what they can do to help. I hope this helps you. King regards, Mark. 
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