My Dental Implants Have Failed After 4 Years, What Should I Do Now?

Hi Dr Patel. I had dental implants placed around four years ago in the Upper left jaw. The back implant I have been told has now failed as the bone has unfortunately shattered around it.

When the implant was fitted I was told did not have enough bone density but the implant seemed to just merge after about six weeks.

I now need to have the three tooth dental implant bridge removed because of its instability within the gums.
Once removed and healed would it be possible to rebuild the bone with a graft? Then replace with another inplant in its place? Or would you say that it’s too long-winded? I’m not really sure what I want to do now, seems a  bit too much trouble to be worth it if you ask me! Kind regards, 

Hello, I am not sure that you really require advice on here. If that is your plan and you are happy then do it, If you want to get more opinions you then I advise that you should for another consultation to make sure you’re doing the right thing. Regards, Riten. 
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