My Daughter’s Teeth Are Still Moving Despite Her Fixed Braces, Is This Normal?

My daughter is 16 and has had fixed braces twice now for protruding front teeth. after the first time she was told to wear retainers only in the evening for a year. during this year i noticed that her teeth had moved to their previous position before braces. after complaining to the orthodontists he again fitter fixed braces for a year after pulling 4 teeth. he has now taken the fixed braces off and given her the invisalign to wear only at night. she has been wearing the invisalign for 4 months and her teeth have moved forward again. he says that it is acceptable for them to protrude 4mm but i feel that after all this treatment they should be in line with the back teeth and not protrude at all. is 4mm acceptable or should she have further treatments? is invisalign the right way to go?
It depends if her tongue is putting a lot of pressure (tongue thrust) on her teeth they can move a bit and relapse. Teeth have been moved to a place they dont want to be so want to move back an option may be a fixed wire retainer on the back of her front 6 teeth but that does not always mean they won’t move.
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