My Crowns Keep Falling Out, Is It The Cement They Are Using?

My lower front tooth was grinded down for a crown. The dentist put a temporary in but it keeps falling out; on the second time I swallowed it.. this happened years ago same scenario. My tooth got infected and I went through hell and almost lost the tooth. this one has a root canal in it and I am getting disgusted . the dentist said it will take 3 weeks for my tooth.i paid half already and  I sure don’t want to go through like last time..I already know if they continue to use the same cement that don’t hold,ill be going back more times to get it put back. are these dentist afraid to use stronger cement ,I have almost all my teeth with crowns and  I had crowns put in 35 years ago by a good polish dentist and I never had a temporary fall out . tell me whats the problem with these new dentist. and i never had a crown fall out. I feel like moving on to a new dentist give me some advise here maybe I can tell the dentist what cement to use .3rd visit coming up to have a new temporary maid since I swallowed the old one.
Hello, thank you so much for your query. The route that I would suggest taking would be to ask him to make a new temporary completely or get the crown made quicker
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