My crown has fallen off will I need a new crown ?

Q. My crown has just fallen out from a back molar. Is it possible to replace or will I have to have a new crown fitted? Mrs S

A. Whether you can have your crown refitted depends on the health of the underlying tooth remaining, whether the crown still fits ( no gaps ) and how long that tooth has been without its crown.

There is usually a good reason for a crown coming off. The most common and likely cause is new decay forming underneath the crown. If this is is the case a new crown is necessary.

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October 31st, 2010 at 08:47 PM
Mr H Says :

Re. the comment re. the crown.

Mine came off on Saturday (30/10/10) after eating a load of midget gems which must have ‘glued’ to the crown and it came off / out.

I have traced it back now ( no detail !) – is this a seemingly common scenario for a decent crown or maybe the tooth is decayed as the stump feels strong ?

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