My Crown Has Fallen off the Implant, Do I Have To Have The Treatment Done Again?

I had an implant and crown put in three years ago never had any problem until yesterday morning. I was eating and the crown fell off the implant. I found the crown and the smell was so bad I had to run brush my teeth and rinse my mouth out. I noticed that the implant post is still in there but the crown I have in my hand, Do I have to go and have the procedure done all over again from the beginning or will they just reattached the crown to the implant again? Please help as I am unsure whether I have to pay the 5000 dollars again or not.
It may be just a case of replacing the crown that came out, or maybe have the crown replaced if it is damaged in any way. Implant crowns are quite often put on with a temporary cement so that the crowns can be removed to maintain ot tighten the implant screws so it it not uncommon to have them replaced every now and again. I’d go and ask advice from the dentist who carried out the treatment for you in the first place



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