My Crown Colour Doesn’t Match My Veneer. What Should I Do?

Hello, three years ago I had cosmetic dentistry done on my two front teeth. I had a vaneer on one and a porcelain crown on the other due to damage. I was really happy with the appearance of them, they were slightly whiter than my other teeth but looked good due to my dominant front teeth smile. A few weeks ago I chipped the crown and had to have this crown redone. I once again selected the full porcelain crown. After getting home and checking in the mirror there is an obvious colour difference between the veneer which is whiter and the new crown which has a yellower tone. I am unhappy in myself about this coulour difference. It now looks like the whiter veneer is the odd tooth out. What would be your advice into getting this work rectified or redone? Thanks
I would first of all go back and speak to the dentist who carried out the work about your concerns. It can be very difficult to match old crowns to new ones, unless you have the exact prescription and record of the porcelain used from the original dental technician who did the work. Often it is easier to replace both the veneer and crown at the same time.

The best thing to do is come for a detailed examination and consultation so we can assess your needs and come up with an appropriate treatment plan for you.

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