My Cerec Was Tightened And Now It Is Causing Major Issues, Help?

Since I’ve had the cerec put in I have awful toothache and it feels like it is set too high. Also there is what looks like discoloration at the gum line a the front. It hurts when I bite down. I am on pain killers to relieve the pain. I have a denture plate that attaches to the cerec and I’m unable to wear it. Originally it was loose and would move around so my dentist tightened it and now it feels very tight. Help.
I am really reluctant to go back. He has said I have gingivitis so I booked an appointment with a hygienist who said my teeth and gums were in pretty good shape .HELP !!!
The first thing to do is always to go and ask the dentist to help you. Treatment sometimes results in complications or difficulties that cannot be avoided so you might need further treatment or adjustments to make things better – this is a fact of life following all medical/dental procedures. So I’d go back and ask for help and see what can be done I’m sure they will do their very best to help you.

However, if you are not willing to go back to the dentist to seek his/her help in relieving your pain then maybe a second opinion may be the next option. Choose a very experienced, very high quality practice/dentist to advise you and offer solutions.

Hope you feel better soon.

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