My bottom teeth are worn down, I think because I may grind my teeth in my sleep. Should i get crowns or veneers?

Hi. I am fifty five years old and my teeth are well looked after, and quite white with the bleaching that I have done every five years with my dentist. The problem is that my bottom teeth are quite worn down, i may grind them in my sleep. I have started to wear the cover that were for the bleaching to stop me from doing this. What do yiou think is the best option for me. Either to have crowns on them all, which II understand to be very very strong these days. Or for veneers, but are they as good, or as long lasting.
Thank you for your enquiry.

That is excellent news that your teeth are in good condition.

When you are a grinder, you always risk breaking and chipping veneers and crowns. However if you are wearing a night guard every night then you are doing what you can to protect them. It would depend on how much wear you have as to whether crowns or veneers would be more suitable to you.

I would recommend you book in for a full cosmetic consultation to assess all your teeth and decide which options would suit you best.

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