My 2 year old has chipped her tooth, should I have it replaced?

hi, my daughter has had a fall shes is only 2 years ols, one of her front tooth has been chipped, i was wondering if there was anythin that could be done, also the next front tooth is wobbly will that just settle back and then not be wobbly or is there a risk of it falling out, i am very concered about this so would be grateful in any advice you could give me thankyou for your time
Hi and thank you for your question. I am very sorry to hear your daughter had a fall and hope that she is ok and back to racing about.

For her chipped front tooth, there isn’t too much we can do while she is so young, unless it’s very sharp for her. It is best to just leave the tooth if we can but if you do find it too sharp there is the possibility of filing it down slightly. However, on a 2yo this isn’t ideal.

The tooth next to it should settle back down, keep her on a soft diet for a few days and that should help.

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