my 2 front veneers keep falling out

Q. I had 4 veneers fitted to my upper front teeth last year. The next day 2 right hand veneers fell off and were eventually replaced. A few months later 1 of the right hand ones fell off and again was replaced as I hadnt realised the tooth had come out. 2 weeks ago another middle veneer fell off and was refitted yesterday and today has fallen off again. Is it the way they are being fitted that is at fault as I was not even eating when they fall out. Please help


Perhaps the Veneers have interfered with you bite, therefore you are grinding your teeth resulting in the Veneers coming off. I would ask your dentist to look at your bite and see if when your teeth are coming together, any of the Veneers are hitting before your back teeth. If they are, he or she can adjust this for you.

It may also be that you are grinding your teeth while you sleep, so you may want to consider asking your dentist to make you a nightguard to protect them from breaking.

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