I’ve Recently Had A New Bridge Fitted, But I Am Unhappy As My Teeth Seem Too Big. Is There Any Way This Can Be Sorted Out?

Hi Mark. I have a new bridge on my front teeth, 3 units to replace the original bridge which broke, but I am not happy with it as my teeth are too long. Can the teeth be shortened or am I stuck with it? Also it doesn’t fit correctly as my bottom tooth hits the metal on the back of my front tooth. I am also unable to close my back teeth together. It was done through the NHS and I know the teeth underneath are highly compromised, so I think it’s unlikely that it can be taken off without damaging what’s left of my front teeth. I am unable to afford implants unfortunately, so is there a way this bridge can be sorted? Thank you.
Hello and thank you for getting in touch. If there is enough porcelain thickness before you hit the metal underneath it may be possible to shorten the length of the teeth. Similarly the metal at the back may be able to be thinned if it is thick enough. Go back to your dentist and ask for advice regarding this, and hopefully something can be done. Kind regards, Mark.
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