I’ve Recently Had A Bridge Cemented, But After A Couple Of Days Now, I Don’t Feel I Can Get Used To It. Is It Too Late?

Hello Dr Moore, I’ve recently had a bridge made for the front four of my top teeth. I had it permanently cemented in place two days ago and after having a couple of days to look at it and get used to it, I’m really not happy with it. The shape is really not what I wanted and it looks crooked in my mouth. The bridge also feels bulky in my mouth and I feel that my bite is now not correct.
Can I now have it removed and altered, or is it too late?
I’m afraid to call and tell my dentist and that he says nothing can be done now. Please help me with this problem!!! Many thanks.
Hello and thank you for your enquiry. It’s very difficult if it’s now been permanently cemented. I would suggest that you give it a little bit longer than two days as this isn’t really enough time to get used to a large bridge like that. If you still feel uncomfortable with it after a couple of weeks, consult your dentist to see what can be done. Thanks, I hope this helps you with this problem. Dr Andrew Moore.
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