Ive receding gums and would like to know how much gum replacement surgery would cost

Q. Hello i would really like to know how much gum replacement surgery would cost. i have receeding gums and it is making me so uncomfortable and ruining my confidence when i smile. i used to have a great smile, but because of being ill for the past 10 years, due to being sexually abused, i let myself go and i really want to put things right, well at least a bit anyways, by improving my smile respectively. please could i find out some information on the prices and the type of surgery it invloves yours faithfully

A. First you need to treat the cause of the recession with gum therapy, once this is complete and the gums are healthy it is sometimes possible to use a gum graft to rebuild the gum in certain parts of the mouth, this starts from around £300 per tooth.

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June 5th, 2014 at 08:47 PM
Paul gibson Says :

Hi my gums have really receded on the lower front gum you can nearly see the root of my teeth I used to go regular to the dentist and forked out money after money for fillings and caps and spent well over £2000 and haven’t got any money to get my gums fixed as nearly everything’ the dentist done lasted about 6 month then dropped out so I had to go back time after time spending money after money for the same work to be done and now my mouth is a mess with really receding gums getting worse and my teeth caps and filling dropping out how much would cost me for a consultation to discuss the price on repairing all my mouth

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