I’ve Noticed A Small Chip On The Bottom Of My Front Tooth. How Should I Fix This Problem?

Hi Dr Hughes. I have noticed that I have a small chip on the enamel at the bottom of my front left tooth. It is only noticeable up close but I can also feel it with my tongue. I have read about teeth being filed down and wondered if this would be a suitable treatment as I am worried that the chip may get bigger or that it may be prone to infection. My two front teeth come down quite a bit lower than the rest of my teeth so I think they could be filed without it looking odd. What do you think I should do? Any advice would be gratefully received. Many thanks.
Hi, hello. Yes I would say that some remodelling of the enamel might be appropriate either that or some bonding to correct the chip. Seek some advice and an examination in person from a good cosmetic dentist local to you. Have a look around the web at clinics in your area and find one you seem comfortable with. I hope this suitably answers your enquiry. Many thanks, Dr Mark Hughes.
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