I’ve Lost My Dentures And Need A New Set Quickly. Could I Get Same Day Teeth?

Hi Mark. I’ve had a full set of dentures for over a year and I’ve stupidly lost them. I would like to know how soon could I get a knew set and how long it would take for them to get made? How much do they cost? I’m in a need of a quick solution and I’ve read that you can get same day dentures? I’ve no problems with my gums or mouth, would it be possible to get same day dentures? I’m hoping to get the dentures fitted quickly. Thank you so much for your help.

Same day dentures refer to dentures made that get placed the same day teeth that teeth are removed and implants are placed. They need to be made in advance of the insertion procedure either way.

We can have our dental technician make dentures very quickly for you but please bear in mind a ‘second fit’ procedure is needed later to ensure they are accurately biting. Then there’s the question of the quality you’re looking for. If the end goals are very high standards then it may take more time. The best thing is to have an assessment as soon as possible with our prosthodontist (specialist in mouth rehabilitation) and take it from there. We can offer you an appointment this week in Harley Street.  Regards, Mark.

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