Is work on gum boil that seems to have gone still necessary?

Q. Over 12mnths ago my tooth with an existing root canal developed an infected boil on the gum. On my dentist’s advice I am waiting to have the previous root canal re done privately by a specialist dentist. However at present and for the last 6+ months i have no boil or any other symptoms. The x ray show some possible infection and the specialist thinks he can improve the root canal work. I am not sure whether to pay for this work to be done when i have no pain or problems with my tooth. What would you advise, please?,
A. If a previously symptom free root filled tooth develops an abscess I do advise retreatment if the infection is related to the end of the root. Your body immune system can stabilise a problem in the short term but the infection is usually progressive. It would be best to follow advice given after an clinical examination. Rob
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Dr Rob Tennet

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